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Top 10 Laptop Brands in the world

Top 10 Laptop Brands in the world. There are different types of brand laptops in the market. As advanced technology laptops became better for their purposes. As result, many brands have started manufacturing laptops and their accessories. Some of these brands recognized as the top laptop brands in the world,

 Laptops have replaced desktops to a wide range. Laptop sales dropped to huge advances in smartphones and tablets. For office and heavy work, people use laptops. Let us dig into some of the top laptop brands in the world based on sales figures of the laptops across the world. Top 10 Laptop Brands in the world.

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The top brands of laptops given below.

  • Hewlett Packard (HP)
  • Lenovo
  • Dell
  • Asus
  • Apple
  • Acer
  • Microsoft
  • Samsung
  • Iball
  • Toshiba

HP is the world’s largest company in electronics and computers. The laptops provided by HP fully loaded with all the features. The 2 in 1 laptop of HP are thin and light. It provides a good battery life to the users.

Lenovo one of the top brands on the laptop. Lenovo laptop comes with laptops based on priorities. Performance laptops designed for professionals, gamers, and creators. Ultraportable laptops used by people who carry laptops wherever they go.

Dell is an American company that sells laptops, computers, data storage, servers, and computer peripherals. Dell laptops configured with all the latest technology to meet the meeting demands of every business. Their famous laptops brands are Inspiron-Everyday Essentials.

Asus is a computer hardware and electronics company in Taiwan. It considered number one in notebook, motherboard and gaming series. The company has 29 years of technology experience. The company received 2511 an award during the year 2017 more than 200 service centers.

Apple produces a far-fetched laptop at a marginally higher price. The prices are based on size, memory, graphics memory, and many features. Apple majorly produces a laptop of 13 to 15 inches. That can have larger disk storage.

Acer one of the top laptop brands, Acer great value for their laptops are in their features. They provide 1080p screens or aluminum designs. Acer’s laptops possess pleasing aesthetics. Their main products in laptops are Swift, Spin, Switch, Aspire, Nitro, Aspire E, Aspire S and Acer One.

Microsoft Corporation is an American based company that develops. It manufactures many licensed software and hardware products. It is the largest producer of personal computers. Microsoft’s Windows 10 products built for faster performance, thinner and they are more powerful. It has a lot of features in a single product.

A standard electronic brand that has products in nearly all the electronic items, Samsung’s laptops are stunning. Samsung laptops give the best designed and good quality. Products recognized as the series name.

iBall initially started with only one product that being mouse. Now catering to almost 26 products. It is one of the fastest-growing brands in the products that they produce. The popular laptop product is Compbook.

Toshiba is a global technology leader. It designs and develops laptops for business use. The company has whole control over the design, functions, and security of the laptop.

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